Wednesday, 20 June 2007

[Progress.010] Tiger Tail and final construction set drawing received

Tiger Tail
This is not about animals in the zoo :-), it's about our neighbour's power line that run across our property.

Found some explaination from the web:
tiger tails means pipe type cable covers, used as a warning to visually indicate the position of overhead power lines. Note: A tiger tail is also known as a torapoli pipe.

The builder wants us to "tiger tail tag" the neighbour's power line. Got a quote from an electrician for $2,500, which is ridiculously high. Will shop around for a few other quotes.

Found these 2 pictures from Work Near Overhead Power Lines: Code of Practice(PDF, about 1MB):

"final" final construction set of drawings received
Received the "final" final construction set of drawings from builder yesterday. All questions and issues we raised all sorted out except the ensuite door can't be changed to sliding door due to the way the shower pipes are connected.

Booked for final meeting next Tuesday and we are ready to sign the contract, Yeah!


Anonymous said...

Hello there, I'm going to build my home with Bellmarch project home builder, too. Do you know Bellmarch at all? May I ask you some questions about the contract, which we haven't signed yet. My email:

Allan said...

Hi, Yes I have heard of Bellmarch and when we visited Home World, we also looked at their design but don't quite like it.

I have sent you an email with a few other information.

Good luck with your Construction!