Friday, 12 October 2007

[Progress.056] Scaffoldings for whole house all done

The first set of photos were taken on Wednesday (10/10). In the morning, I saw them start removing the boards in front of the front bay windows. Compared to the previous post, it's much clearer during the day light.

When I returned later that night, they also finished the upper half of the walls surrounding the kitchen at the back. The newly done bricks on the top have a slightly darker mortar colour.

This one shows the back of the kitchen wall. And I noticed they cleaned up the site, there used to be bricks everywhere around the house. That night, all those broken bricks and small pieces were gone, and the ones in good shape were nicely stacked up at the back.

On Thursday (11/10), the brick layers didn't turn up, we met the supervisor at the other Eastwood site and he told us we will have the scaffoldings completed. That night, we had the first shower since the brick work started in late September and I wasn't able to check the site.

This morning (12/10), this is what we have, as shown below all scaffoldings for the whole house done, yeah! And it's quite amaze to see the way they installed the scaffoldings through the garage/porch roof frames and up to the 1st floor roof height.

The guys were working on the garage side, wonder which wall will they complete today.

As shown below, there wasn't much bricks left. Hopefully we can see more bricks been delivered early next week, otherwise we will be running out of bricks very soon...

I haven't update my weekly summaries for 2 weeks, will definitely get it done this weekend. Hope it would stop raining as well...

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