Thursday, 15 November 2007

[Progress.068] First floor gutters completed

After 2 weeks of continuous rain, we finally have some beautiful weather this week. We noticed some materials for gutters been delivered on Tuesday morning. When we drove past on Wednesday afternoon around 2pm, the gutters for first floor were all finished and there's another few trades person working on the safety fence for roof. As shown below, this was late yesterday afternoon where all the roof fences were also finished. Quite amaze how much they can achieve in one day.

This one taken from the back.

A closer look showing how the roof truss/frames were connected to the gutters.

According to our supervisor, they will finish the roof tiles for 1st floor, wash the bricks, and then lower the scaffoldings. Then repeat the same process for ground floor roof (for garage at the front, kitchen and alfresco at the back). Looks like we can have all the roofing finished before Christmas, and no more worries about the rain!

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