Saturday, 17 November 2007

[Progress.070] Eaves lining installed for 1st floor, roof tiles delivered

Yesterday morning we have 4-5 trades person on site, I thought they were working/preparing for the roof tiles installation. When I returned in the afternoon, as shown below, I found the "eaves lining" for the whole 1st floor were installed.

This one from the back. Compared to previous post, we can no longer see how the roof truss connects to the fascia as it's now blocked by the lining.

To make it easier to understand, I found this old post of mine with this diagram from in case you are not sure what is "fascia" and "eaves lining":

Also found this information from BlueScope Steel which clearly shows how gutters are been installed on the fascia.

Finally, we also have lots of roof tiles delivered yesterday. We also found some of the rubbishes were removed. Hope they can finish the roof tiles for 1st floor before next Thursday as the weather forecast says it's going to start raining again next Thursday...


Anonymous said...

how do you check anti-ponding boards are installed?

Allan said...

If your roof tiles+sarking is on and ceiling hasn't been installed yet, you can see the boards when you stand under the edge of the roof, near the gutters.

If ceiling already on, as the board is installed under the sarking, so it's a bit hard to see it from the top even if you remove the last few row of tiles.

One way I can think of is, may be touch the sarking gently with your fingers (without making any holes on it!) and see if you can see a supporting thin board under it.

Or do it "properly", ask the supervisor to show you "evidence" that the boards have been installed and see how he responds.

Allan said...

If you have a look at this post "" you will see a few photos of the installed anti-ponding boards at the edge/end of the roof, under the sarkings.