Thursday, 15 November 2007

[WeeklySummary.014] Week 14 (01/11/2007) - (07/11/2007)

Brick work all done, not much progress due to continuous rain.

Unplanned expenses:
1. Wife wanted to add some extra downlights, waiting for quote from builder.
2. Received letter from builder explaining why we need to pay extra $900 for sewer pipes, waiting to meet supervisor to discuss details.

1. Steel beams in Alfresco been joined instead of one full piece, painted with orange paint. Not sure if this is structurely sound and safe
2. Found a hole on the floor board of bedroom above garage
3. 2 "Noggings" in frames of bedroom above garage damaged
4. Sewage pipe (in front of property) broken
5. 1st floor main bathroom windows was installed with clear glass windows instead of obscured/glazed ones
6. Drain pipe next to alfresco post been removed

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