Monday, 3 December 2007

[Progress.074] Ground floor scaffolding and gutter finished, 1 new issue

Got a few photos from last Thursday (29/11) below. First 2 showed the front of the house with ground floor scaffolding installed. Personally I don't like the way both the scaffolding for front porch and bay window leaning directly on the brick wall without even touching the ground. Are you sure this is strong enough??

This is a closer look of the scaffolding installed in front of the porch, see how the top part hooked to the timber frame/roof truss and the bottom part sits on the brick post without touching the ground.

This is from the back.

Closer look at the part behind the kitchen. Again a few of the scaffolding just sits on the wall. The roof truss above the alfresco was a bit messy, it has all been tidied up and fixed.

I accidentally found this 2 items hiding in the garage, behind some huge boards. Looks like some sort of door frame to me. Have a closer look at the area I highlighted in red...

As they were blocked/covered by the heavy boards which I wasn't able to move, I searched every corner and finally find this small sign that says "Easy Glide Cavity Door Unit" from Corinthian Doors. I think this is for the 2 sliding doors: 1 for laundry and 1 for the main bedroom walk-in-robe upstairs.

This is the new issue as highlighted in red above: viewed from different angle you can clearly see that it's slightly damaged. This doesn't look like a major issue, but still needs to keep track of it in case it's been missed/forgotten...

This morning (3/12) we have a few trades person working on the gutters. When I returned late in the afternoon there was heavy rain and stormy weather. As shown in photo below from my mobile, the gutters were all done and most importantly the roof tiles have arrived! Only if we could have a few sunny days and the roofing would be all done...

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