Saturday, 15 December 2007

[Progress.077] Very busy week - Wednesday - First inspection

This is a very long post, so be patient...

On Wednesday (12/12) we have our first inspection. Our supervisor was on site, and Howard from "H & K Ryan & Associates" was there as well in his fancy little car, marked with beautiful marketing signs everywhere.

While Howard was busy checking, I just wonder around. First thing I noticed was cables everywhere, was the spiderman here yesterday??

I then noticed the eaves lining for front porch was also finished. The wire for the light was also done.

There was this special little pipe in the powder room ceiling area, looks totally different from other much bigger pipes for air con. I think this is for the ducted fan.

There were lots of thin lines in the frames & noggings. Looks like these were left overs from Tuesday's insulation work.

There was also this huge pile of insulation materials in the family room area.

Those insulation guys were pretty quick, even though my wife stopped them quick early on Tuesday morning, they still managed to finish this meals room wall. Just imagine how are we going to do any inspection if all the walls were like this -- fully covered with insulation...

That's Howard in his shiny green vest in the background. I checked the frames for the sliding door and quite happy to see the damaged frame fixed.

I then noticed a problem, we paid extra to upgrade the tracks for all our sliding doors to heavy duty ones but the ones been installed are only the normal J type ones.

As shown in video below, Howard picked up some squeaking noise in one of the bedrooms upstair.

In the alfresco, I noticed some electrical wires entered the house through the same hole as the sewer pipe. This doesn't look good and I hope this will be all be covered when the ceiling were installed.

Compare with the diagram below, I noticed in the robe for one of the bedrooms, the air con pipe should be coming down from ceiling through the area at the right (marked in red), but somehow they decided to add another block in the middle (marked in green) and take a short cut...

Howard also found that the roof above the front bay window doesn't seem to be finished yet. I will let you know later why this is a major issue to us...

If you have been following my blog, this is a closer look of the unfinished front roof above the garage, listed as an issue the othe day. You can also have a better view of how the sarkings are been installed with the pink foam and other stuffs..

Howard also picked up 2 of the air con pipes upstairs weren't sealed properly, this is one of them. I heard that because of the coming holiday, all the trades person were fully loaded with work. Everyone is trying to get everything done before Christmas. And I think when you do things in a hurry, the quality dropped...

We have a triangular flower box next to the stairs. According to the drawings, the power point should be "inside" the flower box, so that we can install some lights if required. But the power point was installed far above the box, need to get it fixed.

After some research, I changed my mind about connecting my "future" projector with "future" receiver with HDMI. Mainly because not many projectors (within my budget range) support HDMI and the cable was quite expensive. I bought this RGB cable instead for the projector.

To be honest, I wasn't really sure when will my projector based home theatre be fully finished. There will be lots of other more important things needs to be done first, before this "nice to have" entertainment stuffs. Any way, just like the ceiling speakers, I just want to get the cabling done at this stage, will worry about the rest later...

We noticed there were quite a lot of frames been cut and then joined again with some sort of "re-enforcement". It doesn't look right to me, but according to Howard this is quite normal. He mentioned a term which I can't remember. The reason was, it's very difficult to have all the frames in straight line during installation and that's why the carpenters do this to adjust the frames accordingly (for the gyprock walls).

When the cable work finished late in the afternoon, we got even more cables everywhere. Security cables, speaker cables, network cables, telephone cables, ...etc, I try to take a few photos on every spot, but it's still quite confusing to me. All I know is, the white ones are for electricity, the pink ones are for speaker, the black one is my RGB, the blue ones are network cables....

Before the end of this post, let me tell you why the unfinished roof work picked up by Howard was a major issue. After he left, I did further checking, and noticed some bigger problems. As shown in photo below, this is the area right under the unfinished roof work, the white/greyish thing (at the top) behind the timber is the roof valley. It ends there before reaching the gutter and all the water just run down from there and you can still see that the timber right under it was quite wet. Actually all the bricks under it were wet. I pointed this out to the supervisor and he promised to get it fixed.

This photo is from the other side of the same wall, which is inside the front porch. Again, you can see there're some signs of leakage as well.

In the end, Howard was quite happy with the quality, most of the thing he picked up were minor issues (except the roof). At least we felt a bit relief. Hopefully our builder can fix all the issues before Christmas, otherwise we might consider stopping the payment...

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