Tuesday, 19 February 2008

[Progress.093] Getting closer to completion

We have an appointment with supervisor the other day and found even more things completed. The tiling around the ensuite spa bath all done.

Same for main bathroom tiling around the bath tub.

Kitchen almost finished, you can see the bulkhead been installed as well, just waiting for the granite bench top, splash back and windows sill, hopefully sometime this week.

There used to be a huge hole behind the kitchen cabinet (notice the timber windows sill at the background).

Then the pipes were extended and a few more holes...

And now, finally covered by another piece of timber (notice the double thickness at the back). We lost a little bit of cabinet space, but at least it looks much better. The timber windows sill also removed, waiting for the granite one to be installed.

The main bathroom windows originally in "clear glass" has finally been replaced.

The extra arch in the hall way also progressing quite well. This was a few weeks back.

Then the gyprock and cornice installed.

This is what it looks like now. With the beautiful painting job on top, it looks totally different.

Our huge 70L laundry tub also installed. With the wall tiles up to 1600 mm high.

The landing outside laundry door also finished.

According to supervisor we should be expecting hand over in about a month's time. Getting closer to completion!!


Anonymous said...

how come your laundry tub has two holes at the back?

Allan said...

I thought all laundry tub has two holes at the back, this is to allow you to connect the pipe from your washing machine, either from the left or right. A pipe underneath can then be joined to either side. The other hole that's not been used can later be blocked.