Monday, 25 February 2008

[Progress.095] First report of things missing

Our builder has been quite quick in fixing things and flexible in certain areas. For example, we arranged for the granite company to put in extra granite for the splash back and our builder kindly allows them to install it at the same time as the kitchen benchtop installation, saving us money and effort to arrange for extra return work after hand over.

Unfortunately something bad happened, after the benchtop installation, we have this big left over of granite benchtop cut out from the kitchen sink which we left in the garage. We already spoke with the granite company and will use it for a few extra areas where the benchtop joins the meals room wall. The granite was still there on early Friday afternoon and there was only one trades person left working on site. When we later returned it disappeared.

As the site is securely locked by fence, it's quite obvious and "highly likely" should be that last trades person left on site last Friday who took it. We know who he is and we will report this to our builder today and hopefully can get it returned very soon if possible.

It's not a lot of money but mainly just the bad feeling, unnecessary delay and effort to order another piece, reschedule the event, ...etc. It's really dumb to take such a huge piece of granite thinking no one would notice it or need it. If something has been left in the garage, not the rubbish bin, then it means it will be required later!

Next time if there's any material been left on site, we will have to put a big sign on it saying something like "Don't touch! Material contaminated with dangerous radiation that could cause skin cancer...."

This kind of short sighted silly behavior is also hurting the customer relationship and reputation of the builder. We also found some problems with this guy's work which needs to be fixed and will let the builder know as well.

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