Monday, 14 April 2008

[Progress.113] Sky light installed

We need a bit more light in our kitchen, and after a few visits to different sky light/sky windows suppliers, we chose the SkyDome sky lights and we have the skylights installed on Saturday.

This is what the kitchen roof looks like before the installation.

This is the kitchen before the installation. We got all the cupboard doors opened for cleaning.

The trades person found a problem with the place where we originally wants the sky light to be placed: as you can see from the photos, there's a gas pipe (bronze coloured pipe) blocking the way. We got no choice but to move it towards the kitchen sink side wall.

First he use 4 nails to mark the border of the sky light.

He then start cutting the hole on the kitchen ceiling.

Cutting done!

He then installed this metal thing on the roof.

The internal side of the sky light is then covered by some boards.

From the outside you can see the boards actually pops up a bit.

He then installed the architrave.

After a few hours of hard work, finally all done!

The opening on the roof is now covered.

The kitchen is a lot brighter now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,
The skylight looks good. How much is the instalation cost?

Allan said...

Hi oznow,

close to $1K, including material and labour.

ask said...

That's a worth 1000 bucks.
Why didn't you ask @llc@$tle to do it in the first place?
I'm worried about any warranty
issues by adding it by yourself!

- devank

Allan said...

Hi devank,
Yes we did ask but they don't do skylight at all. They "claimed" that it leaks and would cause a lot of problem.
If there's any problem with the skylight, the supplier will look after that.
So far our skylight doesn't leak at all. However, after moved in for a few weeks, we already experiencing problems with the leaking in bath tub, spa tub, kitchen sink, ...etc.