Friday, 18 April 2008

[Progress.116] 695 screws

As our builder didn't put on the roof tiles until the brick work finished, our first floor timber flooring boards were soaked in rain water most of the time during the long rainy 6 weeks brick work period. After that we got quite bad "floor lipping" issue. From the photo below, you can see how much floor board the floor sanding guy has to sand away to make the "lipped" floor board joining area leveled to an acceptable condition.

After the floor sanding (twice actually) we found a lot of nail heads missing. The following is just an example, the one on the right hand side is a normal nail, while the left hand side nail lost its nail head after the floor sanding. Although our builder keep saying this is normal, we certainly don't want to have squeaking floor noises and decided to fix this ourselves.

The other day I borrowed this Makita Cordless Drill from friend and bought a bag of 100 pcs screws from Bunnings. With a hammer I started working on the flooring board.

Surprisingly, the bag of 100 screw runs out very quickly after the first bedroom and I have to buy a few more, and then later another few.

After a few hours of hard work, I finished 7 bags of screws. As shown below, only 5 screws left. I used 695 screws to fix all the flooring board for 5 bedrooms plus upper living areas.

In the end, I got all the floor board joining area firmly screwed to the beam below. The photo below is just an example, 2 screws right next to 2 nails with nail heads missing.

The Makita cordless drill is very handy and it saved me lots of effort. But even with the powerful drill, I still got a soar back and soar arm... I would certainly recommend this tool to anyone planing to something similar to prevent floor squeaking in your new house.

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this is a good one, looks like I will have some sore back myself later.