Wednesday, 30 April 2008

[Progress.119] Landscape work started

The annoying rain for the past 2 weeks finally stopped and our landscaping work started yesterday. As shown below, they were digging the alfresco and retaining wall footings at the back yesterday. The timber flooring guys almost finished their work for ground floor and their stuffs were everywhere.

This morning, most of the footings for retaining wall at the back seems to have finished.

They have this cute little dingo machine at the front today for excavation.

The way the worker stands on the dingo machine is quite interesting.

Our tree at the front has been protected by fences for past 8-9 months finally been release, just look at the grasses surrounding the tree...

The tree-protecting fence that's been removed.


Anonymous said...

who did the tree fencing for you? we have a tree on the council land in the front, I am told I need to put fencing around it.

Allan said...

I did that myself. I even bought those orange plastic thing and the steel post from Bunny's warehouse.

From council's point of view, all they need is to have something around the tree to protect it. So suggest not to spend too much money on it if possible as they will be useless after the construction. It can be in any material: wired fence, timber, steel, whatever you can find that can stand up properly.

I later visited a house which is almost finished and received quite a lot of wired fence thing for free as they are quite happy that I remove the "rubbish" for them...