Sunday, 27 April 2008

[PropertyInfo.028] Stylish dots on your benchtop

I visited a furniture shop in Belrose the other day and saw this product called "SafeSpot". As shown below it's simply adding some stainless steel raised dots on your benchtop, which helps protecting your benchtop from scratching, cracking or burnmarks. Not sure how much it would cost but definitely sounds like a nice, stylish and good looking idea to me.

I went to their web site and was expecting to see information about different ways to protect your kitchen benchtop. Surprisingly, 95% of the content (even all the photos in the gallery) are talking about installing those raised dots (Tactile?) on the floor. Only information I can find about installing the raised dots in the kitchen benchtop is this PDF file.

Well, may be the market for individual kitchen benchtop installation is much much smaller than governments and big corporates who need to add those dots on their foot path or drive way.

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