Sunday, 8 June 2008

[Progress.125] We finally moved in!

After a few week's preparation, plus some hard work, we finally moved in to our new house mid last week.

Although it's only about 200m away from the old house, still using the same phone number, still with Telstra, and with the same telephone exchange, somehow I still lost my ADSL connection and got cut off from the Internet for almost 2 weeks. I take the opportunity to dump the old ADSL1 from extel and switch to ADSL2 from TPG.

We have the air conditioning completed, installed some lights, finished the brick fence at the front and the concrete slabs for drive way and alfresco at the back. But due to Boral running out of stock with the blocks we want for retaining walls, plus the continuous rain in past week, looks like our landscaping won't be fully completed for at least another few weeks.

Will try to post some photos very soon!


Anonymous said...

Allan, is there a way to get your landscaper's contact as we are in need of a good and proven landscaper?

Allan said...

Hi Ravi,
No problem, our landscaper's details as below:
Joe 0411 257 373

Have been very busy with other stuffs, will try to post some more photos soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Allan. Will be in touch with Joe.


Sam said...

yes, please update as soon as possible. We love photos!Been wondering when you will be moving in!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Love your detailed blog. I love the stone steps and retaining wall. If you don't mind me asking, approx how much do retaining walls cost. Looks like we might need to have one or more for our new house. I liked that tip about doing the garden prior to finishing the place. I enjoyed reading everything. We have just started to build. Thanks. G & L

Allan said...

Hi G & L,
Unfortunately it's very difficult to give you a price on retaining walls as it depends on what material will be used (brick, block, sand stone, ...etc), how high is it (walls over certain height need footing for certain materials), and most importantly the size of the wall. If you are in Sydney, please give our landscaper Joe a call on 0411 257 373 and he can give you some advice.
Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

I understand...! Thanks. G & L