Thursday, 26 June 2008

[Progress.132] More lights installed

1/6 was the last day of Beacon Lighting's "2nd light 25% off" promotion. After a few hours of discussion and "struggling" in their Castle Hill shop, we bought a few pendant lights and table lamps. After payment, we noticed one of the boxes was damaged and asked to either replace it or check if the content was ok. Photo of box as below (after we arrived home).

It was a busy day, and there were a few people waiting, the store manager tried to get rid of us asap and said that's the last box, it's all been checked and if there's anything wrong we can simply return it for exchange. Not very happy about that... And as expected, when we open the box, as shown below, the glasses were damaged... My advice for anyone who found damages on boxes, make sure you check it before payment or leaving the shop!

I then installed the table lamp for my bedside table. As it's an "Edison screw" one, I took out 2 energy saving light bulbs with Edison screw. As shown below the first one looks alright. But for some reason, I can't fit the light bulb into the second one...

Then I noticed why, this is the first one, with Edison screw.

The second one is "bayonet cap", they gave us 2 different lights! What the ^@#$^%$!%$#&@^%...

So with 2 table lamps in different connector, looks like we definitely have to go back for an exchange... My 2nd advice, make sure you check all the connectors for each and every light before leaving the shop!

After the not so happy experience and an unnecessary 2nd trip, we finally got both problems resolved. Later, after some hard work, the first pendant light was installed by the electrician.

The bigger one is slightly more complicate and it looks like a huge spider without the glasses.

Much better now...

We finally have all 3 pendant lights installed for the family/meals room.

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