Wednesday, 27 August 2008

[Others.023] Lots of sites been hacked??

Not 100% sure about the correctness of this, according to

search in Google with "site:yoursite "script src=http://*/""ngg.js"|"js.js"|"b.js" ", and look for JavaScripts from Russia or other countries, which might indicate the site has been hacked.

I was quite shock to find quite a lot of Australian sites ( & in the list. So be careful when you browse the net!

Results I got around lunch time today, with some of the sites listed below:

about 3,380 from for "script src=http://*/""ngg.js"|"js.js"|"b.js". (0.31 seconds)

about 433 from for "script src=http://*/""ngg.js"|"js.js"|"b.js".

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