Thursday, 21 August 2008

[Progress.137] Hills Rotary Clothesline

We bought this Hills Rotary Clothesline from Bunning's warehouse the other day and our landscaper Joe helped us to install it. The photo below is from the Hills web site.

We have some problem with the product. This is the manual that comes with the package. The grayish plastic thing next to it is the component that causes all the problems.

That plastic things supposed to be installed in pairs, clicked into each other across the sides of the arms. As shown below, the first one is the one having problem, the rest are ok.

As highlighted in red below, the bottom part of it cracked and therefore can't be installed.
We reported to Bunning's, originally they want us to return the whole thing. This is almost impossible as the whole thing is quite bulky and heavy, plus it has been securely installed into the ground, I am not going to remove everything, and return the whole lot just for a small plastic thing.
After some negotiation, they agreed to take down our details and wait for Hills to send them the parts.

After about a week of waiting, still not response. We followed it up and they decided to pass our details to Hills, a few days later we received this full pack of "Clothsline Spares Kit". We only need one and now we have full set of 8+... Any one need one of these things?
It's great customer service for them to send the kit for free. But it would be even better if it wasn't faulty in the first place, which saves all the hassle... Better QA at the manufacturing line, probably?

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