Saturday, 25 October 2008

[Others.027] A bloody expensive change!

We bought 3 JetStar tickets for early November back in August. Thinking of having a short holiday before Christmas. But then found in September that the returning date crashed with a training course I suppose to go, so in a hurry I moved the returning date 1 day ahead just for myself, while wife and kid will still return the next day in original flight. As shown below, there was a $30 charge (ex GST $27, inc GST $30) for "change fee", plus the fair difference, total of $70. Ouch, that's a bit expensive, but still acceptable, although not very happy.

Thing gets worse now, as approaching end of October, we found that wife can't go due to work commitment. Alright, let's check again to see how much it would cost to move to early next year. And I almost fell off my chair. What? Extra $60 change fee (ex GST $54, inc GST $60) on top of the fee differences and previous $30 change fee? This is ridiculous! If it goes like this, does it means I have to pay $90 change fee on my third change? Oh, give me a break!

Ok, I calmed down a bit, checked their web site and according to this page, the charge is $30 per person per flight. So I guess during my first change, I only changed my return flight, that's why only $30 change fee. As I am trying to change both flight now, that would be $60, ouch!

Hang on, I have to calculate my wife & kid's ticket as well. So this change will cost extra $60 x 3 = $180 just for the "change fee", then any fair differences as well...

Wow, I think we really need to do some careful calculation first. Worst case scenario, we might cancel the whole thing.... Damn, never know it would be that bloody expensive for a date change for budget air lines tickets!

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