Monday, 22 February 2010

[Others.049] Insulation sagga for about 255,000 homes

There's been some quite scary reports about fire caused by insulation, and about 255,000 homes fitted with insulation under the program might have safety problems, substandard batts or installation faults after the government's $2.45 billion ceiling insulation subsidy scheme been scrapped.

Feel really sorry for those home owners. This would also be a huge risk for potential home buyers too. How would you know if the insulation been installed was up to the standard?? Will there be any sort of certificate issued by any authority for this?

Not sure if it's related, I mentioned about possible fire caused by downlights in July 2007 and then another follow up as well. If there's any downlights in your house, might want to check if any proper protection been installed around all the downlights.

I also did this burn latest in December 2007, just to make sure the insulation material we got is fireproof. Surely this wouldn't be a proper/official test method, but I guess if you just have insulation installed, it won't harm for you to grab some of those materials through the man hole and do some simple testing while waiting for official inspection!

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