Tuesday, 5 June 2007

[Others.001] McGrath selling a house from our builder!

McGrath is currently selling an house in North Epping also built by our builder. It's for auction at price over $1,050,000.

See attached photo below:

Forget about the colour, and mirrored the front (move garage to the left, bay window to the right). Then change the windows on the first floor and change the front roof to "hipped" roof and it's roughly the same as our house... Confused? Well, I think we made so many changes that it no longer looks like their other houses of the same model.

Oh, did I mention we have 2.7M ceiling height for both floors, underground power lines, extended garage, stained ensign frosted translucent laminated glazed highlight above the front doors.... I will show you what it looks like when it's finished 32+ weeks latter. For now, just use your imagination and look at the drawing on upper left hand corner of my blog...

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