Friday, 8 June 2007

[PropertyInfo.001] Data points to housing recovery

There's a news article in today talking about recovering housing markets, see
Data points to housing recovery.

Hope this won't add too much pressure for another interest rate rise....


Anonymous said...

are your phone points networked via Cat5/6 cables?

Allan said...

I thought Cat5/6 are only for network cables? Didn't know you can get that for phones?

I used Cat5 for my network cable as Cat6 was a lot more expensive and Cat5 is sufficient for the ADSL2+ I am using or something like that, can't remember now :-)

We have our own cabling guy who laid Cat5 cables to all rooms (I don't trust the slow, insecure wireless ones), installed back-to-base security systems (which automatically ring my mobile if anything triggered the alarm) with quite a few sensors around the house, laid lots of speaker/projector cables in my "future" home theatre, and installed a filter at the place where the phone line entered the house.

Hope this answered your question!

Saw your blog and added as a follower.

Which suburb are you building in? Welcomed to chat by email if you don't want these information to become public.
Good luck with your construction!


Anonymous said...

we are building in eastwood, email address is, (work), many thanks for your advice/suggestions, they are really helpful