Saturday, 2 June 2007

[Progress.006] Builder done post-demolition inspection

Our builder sent someone on-site for post-demolition inspection on Friday and they were quite happy with the status. Only thing left is the tagging of the neighbour's power line across the front of the property. This has nothing to do with the demolition and it's a totally different story...

Still waiting for the final drawing to be done by our builder, after that we will review the tender & contract, once it's signed we are ready to start!!!

Attached a few photos below, the demolition by Dhilas was indeed quite good.

Before (Front):

Before (Back):

After (Front):

After (Back):


Anonymous said...

Can I ask you who did the demolition job?

Allan said...

Hi David,
The company is Dhilas, they are pretty good. You can get some ifo in this post on my blog:

Let me know if you need any further information.


Anonymous said...

We are in the process of finding a rental property, is it good idea to state we will rent for one year or just 6 months? Should I tell them I am doing knock down and rebuild?
Many thanks

Allan said...

We made that mistake when we were renting when the demolition started - we told the agent/owner we were building our own house. About 6-7 months later the owner decided to sell the house and kicked us out, claiming we already told them we won't stay there for a long time anyway... It was a big chaos as we have to quickly find another place within a few weeks time...

Telling the agent/owner your bottom line doesn't provide any extra benefit to the situation, so I won't recommend to mention it at all.

As for 6 or 12 months, confirm with agent first if you can terminate the contract before it expired. With the current %$@#(&*% NSW government which tend to protect the tenants more than the owner, won't be surprise if tenant can terminate the contract early as long as sufficient notice been given and rent always paid on time.

Once that's confirmed, it would certainly be safer to sign 12 month leave just in case your house couldn't finish on time for whatever reason, that would give your some extra buffer.

House building is a long, challenging task, there will be enough things you have to worry about during that long period. Extra trouble with house renting would drive you nuts... Try to live as close to the site as possible (ours was only 1 blocks away)!