Saturday, 10 November 2007

[Progress.067] Thanks to brick layers for lowering the arch in front of the porch

It was raining again on Wednesday (07/11) afternoon when I drove past our site. As shown below (photo from my mobile) I noticed the curve board previously been used for the front porch arch was back under the arch again. Why? I thought they already finished the front porch ages ago??

Spoke with wife and she said she noticed the brick layers removed the whole arch in the morning when she drove past, and she already spoke with the brick layers about that. When the brick layers were finishing their work, they noticed the front porch arch was too high and part of the arch will be blocked by the eaves when it's been installed. That's why they removed the arch and re-do it again.

I quickly searched through my old photos, and found the following 2 for comparison. The first one was taken on Sunday (04/11) from camera, the second one was taken on Thursday (08/11) from my mobile.

By using the garage door (vertical ones on lower left hand side) as reference, you can count the bricks and clearly see that the arch has been dropped 2 bricks lower. Really appreciate the brick layers for picking this up now, otherwise this would be really difficult to fix when the roof & eaves were all done.

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