Thursday, 15 November 2007

[Progress.069] New issue with gaps above windows and doors

I took these photos last Saturday (10/11) but forgot to mention them in previous posts. I checked all other windows and there wasn't much gap above them. But as shown in photos below, I noticed in some places there were huge gaps above the windows and doors.

The first one is the gap above the front entrance door, from photo below, you can see it's slighly more than half a brick in height. But as the door wasn't installed yet, I hope the door frames will cover the gap.

Ths second one is the door for us to enter alfresco from the family room. As shown below, you can see the gap above the aluminium sliding door is about the height of half a brick. Compared to the entrance door from above, as there won't be anything else to be installed here, I would expect this to be covered by something, either timber or brick.

The last one is the worst. This is from above the external window & door for laundry, they are right next to each other. Again, there might be an external door to be installed which would block part of the gap, but what about the gap above the window? It's such a huge gap that there's at least one brick in height!

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Matt Walker said...

I think the chippies might have something to answer for here. That looks very wrong....

Jump on them about this one allan!