Thursday, 22 November 2007

[Progress.072] First floor roof tiles almost finished

There was news here from Sydney Morning Herald about the storm causing 15,000 home lost power yesterday. Luckily we didn't get much rain last night.

When I was on site this morning, there were 4 people working on the roof tiles. As shown below they use the machine to deliver the tiles on to the roof. They must have started quite early as when I was there around 7:40am, they already stacked lots of roof tiles as shown in right hand side of the photo.

I also took a short video from my mobile as below. The way they walk on top of the roof is a bit scary, can't imagine those timber roof trusses supporting the weight of so many roof tiles plus 3 adults walking on top of it -- it must be quite strong!

When I returned late in the afternoon, as shown below only some area at the front wasn't finished yet.

This one viewed from different angle around the street, it's all finished on this side.

This one from the back, also all done.

All those big piles of roof tiles yesterday were all gone...

I still can't understand why don't they just finish it off and save another trip! The weather forecast says there will be shower in the next few days. Well, I guess now that most of the roof is covered with roof tiles, I feel more comfortable with the wet weather and hopefully can sleep better now...

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