Thursday, 15 November 2007

[WeeklySummary.015] Week 15 (08/11/2007) - (14/11/2007)

Brick work all done, brick layers moved front porch arch 2 bricks lower to avoid been blocked by gutter.
Gutter for 1st floor done.

Unplanned expenses:

1. Steel beams in Alfresco been joined instead of one full piece, painted with orange paint. Not sure if this is structurely sound and safe
2. Found a hole on the floor board of bedroom above garage
3. 2 "Noggings" in frames of bedroom above garage damaged
4. Sewage pipe (in front of property) broken
5. 1st floor main bathroom windows was installed with clear glass windows instead of obscured/glazed ones
6. Drain pipe next to alfresco post been removed

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