Saturday, 15 December 2007

[Progress.076] Very busy week - Monday and Tuesday

We heard from our CSR(Customer Service Rep) last week that they will try to finish the gyprock walls before Xmas if weather permits. And on Monday (10/12) morning when I drove past our site, I was shocked to find this van parked outside. What? The electrician is here! How come no one ever told us about that!

There were electrical cables everywhere, and even this big meter on the floor.

Since the electrical cables were all connected, on Monday afternoon we quickly organised our inspector and network/TV/speaker cable guys to come on site Wednesday, trying to get as much done as possible as Xmas is only 2 weeks away.

On Tuesday morning, there wasn't any one on site when I drove past around 7:50 am. But when my wife was there around 8:30 am, there was a whole team of trades person installing the insulation. This is ridiculous, if they finish the insulation work today, all the frame and brick work will be blocked, then how are we going to do our inspection and cabling work on Wednesday?? What I still don't understand is, since we have also confirmed to have supervisor on site during the inspection as well, how could they still allow the insulation work to continue?!

Luckily after some discussions, the guys made a few phone calls with back office and agreed to come back some other day.

I really hope our builder can improve their customer service and coordination. The chaos we experience would be the best example. I also heard lots of stories about owners "chasing" their CSRs for updates, and we are in similar situations as well. So far, only Mark/Cookie monster seems to be the only lucky guy who constantly receive weekly updates from their Clarendon CSR.

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