Sunday, 23 December 2007

[Progress.080] Gyprock walls & ceiling done

After 2 busy weeks, it's finally Xmas time. The construction work for 2007 finished on 21/12 (Fri) and won't continue until 14/1/2008 (Mon).

I noticed I haven't create any weekly summary posts since mid-November, and was a bit concern about whether all the issues are been tracked/updated properly. I will definitely try to get it all done during the Xmas break.

The followings are updates for the last week of 2007:

The gyprock work started on 17/12 (Mon) with the upper level and on 18/12 (Tue) we were surprised to find all the ground floor walls and ceilings also covered. The first photo was taken from the front porch.

We have 3 "Corbelled Shoulder Arch" and these are the 2 in lounge area, viewed from the main entrance. You can also see the metal thing they installed for the arch. As the cornice hasn't been installed yet, you can clearly see the gaps between the walls and ceiling.

This is the meals area, next to the kitchen.

This is the kitchen area. Forgot to mention that the other day, our supervisor mentioned to us there's a mistake with the height of the kitchen. He mentioned it's too low and needs to be raised a bit higher, otherwise the benchtop can't be installed. I thought that was the brick layers problem, but he said it has been wrong since the frames been ordered. The worst part is, the whole window, the gyprock wall and bricks outside all have to be re-done... Sounds like a big job to us, and don't understand why they still let the brick layer, electrician, gyprock work continues as wouldn't it be much easier to fix if they stop all works related to that area when they found the problem?? Will definitely record this as a major issue...

This is the bay windows area at the back, next to the alfresco.

This is the last arch, which leads to the powder room and study. The door at the left is the garage door.

This is the front bay windows area.

This is the wall of laundry, there seems to be some gap in the area where 2 walls joined together.

The photos below are from 20/12 (Thu), first one was taken from my mobile. The insulation guys have fixed the alfresco. Hope these insulation material won't fall down again...

Again, viewed from front porch area, the patterns on the walls & ceilings make the whole area looks like an aboriginal art gallery...

The 2 "Corbelled Shoulder Arch" in lounge area now looks quite different. The metal thing is no longer visible.

This is the meals & kitchen area at the back.

The gaps I mentioned above in the laundry area were also nicely covered.

The garage.

Other than the removal of scaffolding and brick cleaning for ground floor (which was interrupted by our neighbour last time...), looks like all the external works have been finished. I heard from a friend who built with our builder a few years ago that everything after the gyprock work will be very very slow. Will wait and see how it goes. At least I don't have to worry about bad weather any more...


Anonymous said...

I noticed you put pink batts in your Alfresco area, Can I ask the reason why?
Many thanks

Allan said...

That was my wife's "dumb" idea, completely waste of money... Everyone's against it but she insisted... In the end, proved to be useless... Don't do it!

Anonymous said...

thanks Allen, I will not listen to my wife this time. How about putting sound insulation batts in the bedroom walls, is this a good idea?

Allan said...

Sound insulation batts will surely help to reduce the noise. Don't forget there are other "sources" such as garage door opener, washing machines in laundry, toilets in bathroom, ...etc. You might also consider want to rearrange your layout a bit to make certain bedrooms far away from those noises.

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