Monday, 4 February 2008

[Progress.090] Full speed ahead (2/2)

Continued from previous post:

10. Bathroom vanities installed (waiting for granite bench top)
Powder room

Main bath room


11. 27 water damaged doors replaced

12. Flashing added to roof above garage to fix leading water into sarking.
This is before:

This is after, and there's no more leaking even after last weekend's heavy hail storm.
13. Garage door installed

14. Kitchen door handles fixed, this is before

This is after

15. Tiling for wet area started, main bath room:


Tiles delivered

16. Broken study room window replaced

17. Correct highlit above front entrance door delivered - wonder how are they going to install this, won't be easy task to remove it from the main entrance...

18. Holes in laundry ceiling fixed

19. Extra work for arch in hall way started

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