Tuesday, 12 February 2008

[Progress.091] Lots of things fixed

We have lots of items fixed in the past week, just list a few here.
The highlit above front entrance has been replaced.

This is how the pipe in alfresco area looks like before. It was disconnected and removed to fix problem with concrete piering below during brick stage.

Noticed this has been fixed as well.

There used to use a small hole on top of one of the alfreco post.

This is now covered by some timber cornice/board as shown below.

The bottom area of the external laundry door used to be quite messy.

This has also been fixed.

Outside the front porch, there used to be a small area which for some reason wasn't covered by the ceiling board.

Instead of covering it with timber, they glued some concrete on top. Looks a bit strange and I don't quite like it...

Yesterday morning there were a few guys digging holes in front of the site using this excavator. Have a chat with them and they mentioned they were connecting the storm water and sewage pipe.

This is what it looks like after they left. The outlet looks much better than before. As everything is hidden underground, we have no way of finding out what was done and have to trust that it's completed...

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