Tuesday, 26 February 2008

[Progress.096] Cleaning started, fly screens installed

Cleaning started yesterday, door knob replaced
Yesterday we saw a trades person working on site, doing some cleaning job. End of the day, we noticed the windows were sparkling clean and also the external door knobs replaced. This is the front door, the painter did an excellent job and we quite like the quality finish. Notice the door step below was still in concrete when this photo was taken yesterday.

This is the external laundry door. Both the door and frame looks shining and nice under the new paint. The windows was cleaned and the door knob also replaced.

Fly screens installed
Today the cleaner was on site again and he worked very hard, didn't leave the site until around 5:15 pm, very hard working guy and he did an excellent job. We also noticed the fly screens were installed.

Even the little laundry window has it's own fly screen nicely fitted.

Tiling of front door step finished
We also noticed the tiling of front door step were finished today. I hope they also finished the powder room and main bath room as well, as we were still waiting for a few missing tiles the other day.


Houman Tarash said...

Hi Allan,

I was looking at your recent blog and noticed the brick work around your laundry, is this how it is going to end up or they are going to fix it, it seems the metal support under the bricks are not wide enough and the internal holes of the brick is sticking out! also the last brick before the door, I am sure the brick companies have a special brick in all their selection that has no holes for finish jobs like this.
I thought I just put my inputs on the finish as well, so hopefully your house will look even better.

Allan said...

Hi Houman,
Thanks for your comment. Agree with what you mentioned. Unfortunately I wasn't aware if PGH have the kind of brick you mentioned that doesn't have holes - this would definitely makes the last brick on both side of all windows sill bricks look better. Which send an enquiry to PGH and our builder.