Tuesday, 26 February 2008

[Progress.097] We learn through information sharing

It seems our builder is moving extremely fast recently, we visited one of our neighbours tonight and they were also quite surprise at our progress. They built with Clarendon last year and it took them more than 12 months before hand over. Ours is around 6 months so far and looks like hand over is happening very soon...

We are also working very hard, trying to get as many quotes and "post hand over" works organised as possible. So far we done landscaping, timber flooring, shower screen and a few other stuffs. Wife and I both took day off today and we visited 4 sky light/sky window companies, hopefully should finalise the decision very soon as well. Might need to take a few more days off in the coming week as well, hope my boss won't be too unhappy about this...

Information sharing
We were also talking about inspector for hand over inspection and our neighbour highly recommended a guy they used during their hand over. They got his details also through another friend's recommendation. The inspector is very detail and picked up lots of issues. We might give this guy a call and see how it goes, will definitely post the details here to share with everyone.

Never pay your final payment until all issues resolved
Our neighbour also warned us not to pay the final payment until all issues resolved. They made a huge mistake in paying the final payment to Clarendon when requested and after that Clarendon never respond to any of their request for problem fixing.

We are going to meet our supervisor on site tomorrow morning to go through a few more items. Since my blog gets their full attention, our builder fixed most of the things we picked up quite quickly. So if they can continue to act professionally like this, I believe everything should go on pretty well.

Are you also building with our builder?
Since the start of my blog, I already received a few emails from others who also built or currently building with our builder. We shared some information and learned a lot from each other. So, if you are also building with our builder, welcome to drop me a line and share your story with us!

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Ramirez Diary said...

We are also going to build with AllCastle Homes. Your experiences as detailed in your blog is very helpful in alerting us to possible tricks the builder might have up their sleeve.