Monday, 4 February 2008

[PropertyInfo.021] Have you seen this kind of window lock before?

We all love to open our windows to let in some fresh air. But how many times have you forgotten to close/lock the windows properly?

Today I am going to talk about this little lock I noticed when we visited a new house last weekend. From the logo on the windows, looks like it's a "Stegbar" product. But strangely, I can't find any information about this product from their web site.

If any of you know anything about this, especially about the product name and price, please kindly let me know and it would be really appreciated. As I would definitely like to give it a try and see if we can fit in the "Bradnums" windows we have.

From this photo you can see that it's installed in the middle, at the edge of the sliding window. You can lock/release it by pushing the lever up or down, and there's an extra lock above it to lock it.

When viewed from the top, you can see the track below has 2 cuts/holes. You can then lock the windows at both location, allowing the windows to be opened for about 5 or 10 cm, but still safely locked.

This is the side view, which shows how the lock is installed on the windows.

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