Saturday, 1 March 2008

[Progress.099] Second report of things missing

The standard 45L laundry tub provided by our builder wasn't big enough, so we purchased a Clark 70L ourselves. And our builder has been very kind to allow us to install the 70L one in the laundry during the construction. We then leave the 45L one under the stairs, not finalised yet, probably use it in the alfresco near the BBQ/2nd kitchen area.

On Thursday (28/2) afternoon, we move it out to clean that area but forgot to put in back. On Friday morning, there's another trades person on site sanding the 1st floor floor board - for the second time as we complained that certain area of the 1st floor floor board wasn't very level. In the afternoon when we return, the laundry tub disappeared.

As this is the 2nd time things missing and the fence was always locked all the time, we can't help to again suspect it's another "insider" job, just like the last one.

So a warning to everyone who's building houses: be very careful with anything left on site.


Fred said...

Its very nice when builders will accomodate changes before they get everything finished. Several of my friends who moved into new homes were able to install things like CAT-5 network cable and speaker wire behind the walls before the drywall is put up. That saves a HUGE pain trying to fish wires and patch drywall once the place is finished. If you're into home theatre and such, its a good way to go. (Sometimes, if you have access from above or below, this isn't nearly a big deal). Looks like this is your 99th post. Will you have a celebration for #100?

Good luck with your house projects!

Allan said...

Thanks for your comment Fred.

Yes, thanks to our very flexible builder, we got all the cabling covered by our own cable guy during the construction process.

We are currently busy organising for quotes from various contractors so that we can arrange for most of the work to start as soon as possible straight after hand over. So, no, unfortunately there wasn't any celebration planned at this moment...