Tuesday, 4 March 2008

[Progress.100] TermGuard installed, kitchen almost finished, tiger tails removed

We have the TermGuard termite protection thing installed the other day. There's now a long pink pipe surrounding our property. There's also a few green boxes around the house where the pest control guys will return after our paving done and pump the chemicals.

Our bathroom accessories also installed, tiling to ceiling in all 3 bathrooms completed.

Granite for kitchen also installed, only thing missing is the appliances. We will install our rangehood after handover.

The stairs finally finished, just need to wait for the painters to finish the paint job.

Our electrician Frank was back to remove the Tiger Tails during the weekend. He was really quick, when we were there he almost finished everything.

The ugly Tiger Tails finally removed, ready for reuse in other sites. We whinge about the price for these reusable plastics. Franks said it cost him $170K for the special truck, plus 12 years of experience, it's the quality of service we paid for, not the plastic...

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