Saturday, 8 March 2008

[Progress.102] Lots of progress in a few days

In the past few days there were lots of things fixed and new things completed, just list a few below:
The powder room vanity used to be like this. It was delayed because the granite guy made a mistake while cutting the granite

The basin finally installed. Still waiting for plumber to install the taps and pipe connection below.

The soap holder used to be installed right under the shower rose, we are concerned this might block the shower rail as we upgraded to the one with rails (they installed the wrong one and will change later).

This has been fixed by the tiler.

When the basin was installed in main bath and ensuite, we did a test and found if you put water surrounding the basin, it leaks...

This has been fixed and you can see the white seal surrounding the basin.

There used to be a small crack at the edge of the main bath tub. We were worrying if they replace the whole tub, the tiler would have to redo everything again.

They used some sort of tools which heated and melted that area. After it dried, you can no longer see the crack. Quite amazing technology!

Our beautiful but extremely expensive frameless shower screen also installed.

My network ports installed. Yes, I know there's wireless technology available, but due to concern of security plus speed, I would still prefer the wired method.

Alarm system also installed. Excellent, now that we have power, we can turn on the alarm system on the same day when it's handed over!


Fred said...

Beautiful finishes in just a few days -- I particularly like the frameless shower. That is a wonderful touch.

Allan said...

Thanks Fred. Yes, the frameless shower screens do look very nice. Just waiting for a few other things to resolved and hopefully we will have the hand over very soon..