Monday, 10 March 2008

[Progress.103] Gas and phone connected, new rubbish

On Saturday (8/3) morning, we were quite surprise to find 2 guys digging holes in front of our site for the gas pipe connection. They somehow digged a big hole on the other side of the road (upper right hand side of the image, between the 2 cars) and connect it to our side.

This is the hole on the other side of the road. Don't know what's that metal thing for, they use that yellow pipe to connect to our side.

After they dig a hole next to our garage, and another hole at the front, I thought they will need to dig all the way across the front yard between the 2 hols. But they didn't, they just use this special tool to somehow drill through the soil and connect the gas pipe between the 2 holes. This picture was taken when all the work were done, this guy is cleaning the tool, ready to pack and leave.

This is the gas meter. Only thing left is for our builder to connect the meter to our internal gas pipe (upper right hand side on the wall). Hopefully they will also fill up the big hole surrounding the gas pipe properly.

Today, we were also told by the telecommunication contractor "Beeman" that our Telstra underground telephone connection has been completed. This is what it looks like when I was there late this afternoon.

Don't know who did this, there's this huge metal mesh rubbish been dumped inside our construction site since end of last week... %$#$@#$%#%%^@?%&^*&...

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