Sunday, 16 March 2008

[Progress.104] More things fixed/completed

There have been continuous progress in completing/fixing things last week. For example, the ceiling power point for my Home Theater projector was relocated to the other side of the room.

After the original hole been patched and painted, you can't see any sign of the hole any more, sweet!

The wall plates for my Home Theatre wall/ceiling speakers have been installed. Unfortunately I haven't buy the projector, receiver, or any of the wall/ceiling speakers, can't enjoy it yet!

Don't know who's the plumber, but we have quite a lot of plumbing related issues. This one is about the mini tab behind the ensuite toilet. As you can see below, it was installed so close to the toilet that you can't even turn it.

Before it was fixed, the water tank for the ensuite toilet was also dripping water.

Before it was fixed, there was water everywhere around the ensuite toilet.

The ensuite toilet issues have all been resolved. Don't know how they did it, you can see from below that the mini tub was somehow moved to the right. Can still see the black mark on the side of the toilet.

Mirror in Ensuite also installed.

Shower rose in all bathroom replaced, this is for ensuite.

Ground floor powder room shower screen and shower rose all completed.

Ground floor powder room mirror and vanity all completed.

Main bath shower rose also replaced.

InterComm also installed - this is the door bell with camera in the front porch.

This is the handset inside the house where the little screen shows the status of the front porch.

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