Sunday, 16 March 2008

[Progress.105] Moving bath tub (Video)

This is a short video I took a few weeks ago about the "moving" bath tub in the main bath room upstairs.

This has been fixed and it no longer moves. But I think it's actually quite interesting and like to share it with you.


TV de LCD said...

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Fred@OPC said...

Oh the joys of comment spam! Such a problem out here in the blogosphere. The other day someone spammed comments on my kitchen lighting posts.

Anyhow, the moving bathtub is pretty odd. It isn't moving much but the whole thing looks like it should be incredible stable.

I thought I'd pass on a YouTube hint I just learned as well: If you want to stop the "related videos" from popping up at the end of the video, you can add the following to the embed code of the YouTube video:


The complete instructions are on this site and I thought they were really useful.

Anyhow, I'm not a spammer for the site I linked to (no affiliation) unlike Mr. TV de LCD above. Hope it helps!

Allan said...

Yes, these comment spammer are quite annoying.

Thanks Fred for the tip, just tried that and it works beautifully!