Sunday, 30 March 2008

[Progress.107] Antenna, Sewage Vent installed

This week we have a few more progress:
First the Antenna installed. It was installed at the back and slightly lower than the roof line so that it is not visible from the front.

Next, the sewage vent which was crushed a few times by trucks has finally been re-installed. Also noticed the lock has been removed, this is because we were told our builder will remove all the temporary fences on Monday!!!

I having trying to get a Stud finder/sensor/detector with not much luck. The Bunnings at Carlingford has this Stanley IntelliSensor Pro in stock, but I am actually after the Ryobi one. Heard that the Bunnings at Thornleigh will have it sometime later this week, have to wait and see...


Anonymous said...

is it ok to install antenna inside roof void?

Allan said...

Not an expert on that and would suggest to talk to builder or your cable guy. I guess as long as you can still get good reception inside all the rooms inside the house it should be ok?? But how do you test that before you moved in?

Anonymous said...

who did you ask to have antenna installed for you?
many thanks

Allan said...

Hi, we have own cable guy. The builder would recommend one too (Beeman?), as we got all network cables+speaker cables installed by same person, so we only use Beeman for the telephone, rest all by our own cable person.