Tuesday, 1 April 2008

[Others.020] Thanks for the Chaos, NSW government!

Thanks to the NSW government for delay the daylight saving for 1 week, this has caused lots of chaos everywhere (see report from news.com.au, report from abc.net.au, and report from builderau.com.au).

I always synchronise my Lotus Notes schedule at work with my Nokia E65 mobile, and this week it automatically moved all the appointments one hour ahead. I manually changed the system time, and answer "no" to the question "are you traveling to a different time zone?" as I don't want to cause more confusion. But it seems that the phone setup all schedules according to GMT, and thus changing the phone system time has no effect with the schedules, everything still one hour ahead.

This morning, while driving past local primary school area, which has a speed camera with different speed limit for school hours, I have to explain to wife why I still slow down to 40, as I wasn't sure whether that camera has been correctly adjusted for the time differences yet. And I wonder how many drivers would get a ticket for that?

And since yesterday I have seen a few meetings been delayed/canceled/re-scheduled as everyone got confused by the time and either there's crash in meeting room booking, or somebody either didn't turn up or was there one hour early all because of this daylight saving changes.

What a chaos! Why can't the NSW government be a bit more thoughtful with all these decisions? If you do not consider the impact to the general public when you are planing/making decisions on small things like this, how would you expect everyone to believe that you will do other major stuffs properly?

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