Wednesday, 2 April 2008

[Progress.109] "Accidental" hand over inspection completed

We have been chasing our CSR for the exact date of hand over for weeks. And last week, when our CSR was organising for today's on-site meeting with supervisor and area manager, she only mentioned "it's a meeting to walk through the details of our latest report."

Precisely, it's our 6th version of report actually. We have been sending detail reports about things which we think might be a defect/problem with detail photos, description and status update to our CSR to make sure things don't get forgotten or missed. And use the report as guideline whenever we meet with the supervisor.

As things have been dragging on for too long, we have a feeling that this should be the hand over inspection, as normally we only meet with the supervisor, this is the first time we have the area manager joining us.

After everyone is onsite, we asked the supervisor whether today's meeting is just the usual walk through or hand over inspection, he said it can be "both"! He also mention that their certifier (note: project home builders normally use their own certifier instead of council's certifier) has inspected the house and it passed without any issue. This means the temporary Occupation Certificate has been issued, and if we accept today's meeting as our hand over inspection, after all remaining problems rectified in about a week's time, once we paid the final payment, we can have the key and move straight in!

We struggled a bit.

Yes, I am aware that it's better to have our own private inspector during hand over inspections. But since we live just around the corner and we have been checking our site almost daily in the past 7-8 months, thus the 6th release of detail report: in the beginning there were more than 80 items with lots of them rated as critical, and now there's only less than 30 and most of them minor/cosmetic issues. Plus, the previous experience with private inspector wasn't that satisfactory as it's me not the inspector who picked up 2 major leaking issues...

I guess we are just getting a bit tired, and decided to take the plunge...We still spent more than 2 hours to go through the report and check around the house. As most of the critical stuffs (especially the floor tiles, which I will cover in a different post) are all sort of resolved, we finally signed the documents.

We expect all final problems identified will be resolved before end of next week the latest, and we will have another final check before visiting their head office for all the remaining documentations, including final payment and key handover...

SO there you go, after a long 8 months waiting, hopefully we will be heading towards a happy ending...

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