Wednesday, 2 April 2008

[Progress.111] Roof tiles issue

The other long outstanding issue that was not 100% fixed, but at least in an acceptable condition is the roof tile.

Ignoring those roof tiles high above the 1st floor as we couldn't even see them clearly, we located a few cracks and it took our builder months to get them replaced. The photo below is just one of them, this is what I included in one of our reports.

This is after it's finally fixed this/last week.

There was this huge gap above the front bay window, been left over since last frame inspection, which was December last year.

The gap finally been fixed before the hand over inspection. But it seems that the tiles were not laid properly as you can see a few tiles not bedded properly.

During our handover inspection, the area manager is kind enough to jump out the windows and tried to adjust the tiles.

But it's certainly not a simple task. After that it seems to improved a bit, but can still see some gaps between the tiles. We think it's because the tile below needs to be cut a bit more. Have to wait for the next fix and wonder how long it would take this time. And hope it doesn't leak during rainy periods...

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