Friday, 4 April 2008

[Progress.112] Top 3 items...

Alright, I might have been a bit harsh to our builder in previous post about the floor tiles. Technically it's the subcontractor's problem, not the builder's problem.

So a slight correction, the top 3 things that we are not happy with should be:
1. bathroom floor tiling
2. plumbing
3. Roofing

To be fair, I should also mention about the good ones. So the top 3 things that we are very impressed are:
1. Painting job. The painters are very hardworking and they did an excellent job. I felt sorry for they to return so many times to fix/touch up little problems here and there caused by other trades.
2. Granite benchtop. They did an excellent job with the kitchen benchtop and the windows sills in the kitchen.
3. Brick work. The brick work was excellent as well and definitely worth mentioning. Only if they can be a bit faster, 6 weeks is a bit long...

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