Thursday, 17 April 2008

[Progress.114] Rangehood installed

We have the rangehood installed this week as well. This is the rangehood when delivered, with blue protective sheet still covering the machine.

First the trades man drilled a few holes in the kitchen cabinet.

Then he use this 2 black tool to support the rangehood, and slowly step by step, raise the rangehood higher and higher until it reaches the final position.

The rangehood installed, next he will fix up the pipe above.

This is the pair of tools he used, it has this sign saying "Stan the Stand", quite cute!

It took him a while to finish the pipe above the roof. The flashing was carefully laid so that it won't leak.

Finally all done.

Once we got the flooring done, we will arrange for the cooktop and oven to be installed, and we are ready for cooking!

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