Sunday, 27 April 2008

[Progress.118] Kitchen floor tiles completed

With the help of friendly staffs from colortile, we selected our tiles from they huge range of products a few weeks ago. They also told us that one of the reason some tiles from other stores are quite cheap is because they are using "red biscuits" (left hand side one in photo below), instead of the much better "white biscuits".

Day 1/3 - Monday
Our kitchen floor tiling work started on Monday 21/4. This is what the kitchen floor looks like before the work started.

First they pour lots of sand.

Then the messy part, mixing with water and cement. We were told by the timber flooring guys to finish the kitchen tiling before starting the timber flooring job. Now I can understand why...

After some careful leveling, a thick layer of concrete base was finally completed.

Day 2/3 - Tuesday
Next day, they started laying the tiles. Each piece of tiles carefully measured and cut, looks very nice. The grouting will be done in the last day.

We asked for diamond pattern and this is the corner area.

The area reserved for dish washer will be completed tomorrow.

The original timber skirting around the fridge area has been removed and replaced by tiles tomorrow as well.

The part where it's going to join with the timber floors also nicely finished with an aluminium bracket.

Day 3/3 - Wednesday
The focus of the last day is the grouting plus a few unfinished area.

All tiles nicely laid.

Skirting for fridge area also completed.

The corner area again, but this time with the grout work completed.

Dish washer area also completed.

Our timber flooring work also started this week. It's a lot more complicate than the kitchen floor tiles and probably won't finish until mid next week. I will have a separate post for that later.

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