Wednesday, 11 June 2008

[Progress.126] Wardrobes shelves and curtains done

I will try to show some photos of what happened in past 2 weeks in a few posts. First is our wardrobes, they arrived the other day with the drawers already assembled, using the same handle as our kitchen.

This is what our wardrobe used to look like for my daughter's room. Because the basic ones provided by builder only have one shelf plus one hanging rail, we decided to cancel all of them.

If you have been following my post, all our wardrobe shelves are done by the same joinery who did our laundry cabinet. This is the same room after everything completed.

This is for the smaller rooms.

You might noticed that part of the top shelves were quite high. We did it like this to better utilise it because the top of all wardrobes are the same height as our 2.7m ceiling. The higher shelf makes it easier to store less frequently used stuffs.

Our WIR is hidden behind a sliding door, can't show you too much details as that's my wife's special area. This is about 30% of it...

We put in 2 hinged doors on the top of WIR so that part of it can be fully covered. Unfortunately we forgotten about the light, and it has to be removed and later changed into downlight so that it doesn't block the doors.

We did the curtain installation ourselves, and this is one of the bedrooms upstairs.

This is another one in slightly different colour.

This is one of the downstairs one, with our new lights.


Anonymous said...

you did a good job with your curtains based on what I saw here, where did you get rods/curtains from?? what tools are required to fix rods on the wall.
many thanks

Allan said...

Hi, we bought all of them from overseas. As we found with shipping cost included, the cost is roughly the same and sometimes cheaper than buying locally, most importantly, there's a lot more choices.

The risk of not buying locally are: have to wait a few months for shipment, the risk of not receiving the correct goods and difficult to return/get refund if any problem with received goods.

For installation, you would need at least a stud detector, a long level ruler, a drill, 1 or 2 ladder, good eyesight and patience, some practices and would be easier if done by 2 people than one.