Friday, 13 June 2008

[Progress.127] Landscaping update - 1

This is the first update of our landscaping. Our alfresco looks like this in early March...

Our landscaper Joe started cleaning up the area and preparing for retaining wall in end of April.
The next day, the excavation for driveway was completed.
The old concrete foot path also removed.
The next day, Joe got the timbers installed, ready for new foot path. The footing for brick wall also done in a day, all done by hand, lots of work! I also took Joe's advice and wrote down detail measurement about the location of all those pipes (Telstra, sewage, storm water, gas) shown in upper part of the photo below.
In 4 days, Joe got the whole area ready for council inspection and it passed without any problem.
A bit late now, will post more photos about the concrete slab pouring in next post.

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