Saturday, 14 June 2008

[Progress.128] Landscaping update - 2

Our landscaper Joe got all the steel mesh reinforcement installed and ready for concrete. This is for the alfresco at the back.

This is the footpath at the front. You can also see the mesh reinforcement in the footing for the brick fence at the right hand side.

This is the drive way.

The concrete pump truck quickly connected a long pipe to the back of the house for the alfresco. Later the concrete mixer truck arrived, and the show begins...

Similar to what happened last year (see this post "69 concrete piers" for details) when they did the concrete piers, they pump the concrete on the steel mesh, stir it, and then level the surface with a huge long leveling stick.

I got a short video here as well:

That is a very long leveling stick!

The next day, our alfresco looks complete different! The muddy areas outside will be covered by paving soon...

This is the area where we enter the alfresco through the sliding door.

The new foot path looks nice and clean! The footings are ready for the brick fences as well.

And of course, our drive way. Just have to lay the pavings on top...

To be continued...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have two questions
1) why didn't ask them to place plastic sheet under the steel mesh?
2) are those yellow pipes gas pipes?
so they are go though the wall footing? will this cause a problem?