Thursday, 26 June 2008

[Progress.131] Some electrical work completed

We had an electrician on site to install some electrical stuffs the other day. First it was the downlights. The ceiling used to be like this, lots of battenholders.

After the downlights installed, only the main lights were left untouched, as we haven't decided on the lights yet at that time... Too many opinions at home...

Then, as I mentioned about 2 weeks ago, we made a mistake with the cupboards in the WIR and have to remove the battenholder so that the doors can be opened.

After the downlight installed, problem resolved!

Our electrician also installed the fan+heater+light for the 2 bathrooms upstairs. The light in ensuite ceiling was like this before it started.

We bought this small 2 heater one IXL Mirage from Bunnings.

The wiring for the switch looks a bit messy to me... Too complicate for me to understand, better leave it to the experts...

It only took him about 30 min to finish the installation. Looks quite easy, only if I have the license and knowledge...

With both heater on, it was indeed quite warm for the small ensuite. Just in time for the cold winter!

This is the switch after installation, one for each function.

The other one in the main bathroom has 4 heater lamps as the room is much bigger. It has the option of only turning on 2 lamps.

The switch.

Finally our electrician also installed the 3 LED lights for the stairs...

Now, the hard part left for electrical work, is to find all the remaining lights that will be acceptable by all family members...


Anonymous said...

did you pay builder special to have IXL lights installed? or this can be done after handover?

Allan said...

Hi, as we couldn't make our decision on the lights on time, and the electrician from our builder didn't want to deal with us directly, we actually used our own electrician afterworth.

Anonymous said...

how does mirage light work? will it duct steam out through the fan?? if not, does it really do a good ventilation job? how much does it cost to install?

Allan said...

I think these products are all pretty much the same. The bigger issue is actually about what happened to the steams after it's been sucked up above the ceiling. I think roof top vent would help with the situation.